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Prompt Media helps small and medium sized businesses create a brand, develop and execute a marketing strategy and increase sales.

We can help create branding, produce printed material, design a website, create social media content, manage email marketing and much more.

If you need some help getting new customers then contact us today for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities.
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Through our design process we can help you express the message your brand is trying to convey and define your businesses identity authentically to create an instant connection with your target audience.

Web Design

We can tailor a site to suit your business and give your customers an experience that leaves a lasting impression helping you to stand out from your competitors.

Marketing & Sales

We can help you get the marketing and sales mix right and ensure that you have a solid sales process in place to support your marketing effort. Getting this balance right is the key to making the most of your opportunites.

Commercial Print & Merch

Brochures, posters, signage and merch are an effective way to communicate to a local audience. We work with a range of different suppliers who specialise in various kinds of printing, so we can have just about any marketing piece created.

Tailored Solutions

Creating a marketing strategy that will work for your business requires a tailored approach, combining your unique insight into your target audience with our expertise in marketing and technology is the key to successful campaigns and increased sales for your business.


Practical Approach

Just as important as deciding what marketing elements to invest in is deciding what elements not to spend time and money on. We can help you created a targeted approach to marketing your business that gives you the most bang for your buck.



Experience can make all the difference when you are trying to grow or improve your business. Prompt Media has over 20 years experience in business marketing and technology allowing us to cut through confusion and get the results you need quickly.


Our Philosophy

Create, Innovate, Automate... This is how we inspire businesses to go to the next level.

We believe that using technology in the right way is a key component in the process of creating a successful business.

Strategic application of technology can transform and elevate a business from struggling survival to growing and thriving.

Create new business opportunities.

The Yarra Valley is a place full of potential and it's businesses are growing every year. Technology can help your business create new opportunities and reach new customers and we are passionate about helping our clients transform their ideas into new business.

Innovate to give your customers a unique experience.

It's getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd these days. Innovation and technology can help you build a business that has a competitive advantage.

Automate to make your business bulletproof.

Automating repetative functions can make your business run more smoothly and give you more time to spend on making it better and more profitable.

Adrian Berry

Hi, I'm Adrian, the lead consultant at Prompt Media.

I've been helping businesses big and small in the areas of marketing sales and technology for over 20 years.

My training and experience in small business makes me uniquely placed to help small businesses get the most from their investment in marketing and technology.

— Adrian Berry

Senior Consultant

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